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Flex CodeTorque
Tip dia.
±0.002” (±0.05mm)
Butt dia.
±0.005” (±0.12mm)
Butt par.
±5cpm(215g Tip weight)
Balance point Kick pointMaterials
F504.3°.335” (8.50mm)3.00″.622” (15.80mm)3.50″43.00”67g290cpm53.00%MidKevlar, 40T, 30T, 3K Fiber
F404.5°.335” (8.50mm)3.00″.618” (15.70mm)3.50″43.00”64g273cpm52.00%MidKevlar, 40T, 30T, 3K Fiber
F304.5°.335” (8.50mm)3.00″.614” (15.60mm)3.50″43.00”62g257cpm52.00%MidKevlar, 40T, 30T, 3K Fiber
F204.6°.335” (8.50mm)3.00″.610” (15.50mm)3.50″43.00”60g245cpm52.00%MidKevlar, 40T, 30T, 3K Fiber
F104.8°.335” (8.50mm)3.00″.602” (15.30mm)3.50″43.00”57g225cpm50.00%MidKevlar, 40T, 30T, 3K Fiber
F055.0°.335” (8.50mm)3.00″.602” (15.30mm)3.50″43.00”55g210cpm49.00%MidKevlar, 40T, 30T, 3K Fiber

CPM Parameters

Shaft typeTip weightClamp lengthClamp pressure
Fairway215g4.50”4kg cm²


Flex CodeEI ProfileKick PointBalance ProfileLaunchSpinTrajectory Tempo FitAngle Of Attack FitRecovery ModeFlex-Fit Club Head SpeedInstallation
Butt Mid Tip Counterbalanced Neutral + AoANeutral AoA– AoA(Playing Length Avg 45-46.00”)Butt Cut Tip Cut 
F50FirmMedium +Medium +MidMidMidMidMid – Up TempoActive/Smooth125-155X
F40FirmMedium +Medium +MidMidMidMidMid – Up TempoActive/Smooth110-125
F30FirmMedium +Medium +MidMidMidMidMid – Up TempoActive/Smooth95-110
F20FirmMedium +Medium +MidMidMidMidMid – Up TempoActive/Smooth80-95X
F10Medium +MediumMediumMidMid-HighMid-HighMid-HighSlow – Mid – UpActive/Smooth70-80X
F05Medium +MediumMedium MidMid-HighMid-HighMid-HighSlow – Mid – UpActive/Smooth55-70X

Elastically Tailored Composites

Wound for an explosive transfer of kinetic energy….however you drive it, KINETIXX® IMRT will optimize down range distance and target performance.

An active shaft that increases in frequency the greater the force applied.

This hard kicking, elastically tailored composite is engineered to improve club forgiveness and generate outrageous ball speed and precise shot control!


Filament wound Vacuum Cured Construction technology produces round, pre-loaded concentric and spineless golf shafts for incomparable stability, dynamic response and feedback.

Fitting the widest array of players and swing types. Each shaft profile and flex present a visible, pre-loaded fiber architecture.

Tension tailored for torsional recovery and attenuation of vibration, for the purest kinetic energy transfer from shaft to clubhead.

Optimizing the extraordinary advanced composite material properties producing shafts with an incredibly high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, 5x stronger than steel, with 20x the elastic strength.

KG70-F is a Mid-Balance, Mid-Kick point advanced composite shaft pre-loaded with a visible fiber structural grid Engineered according to each flex, delivering balanced strength from butt to tip, producing medium-high Ballistic trajectory with exceptional stability and feel.

Installation Guidelines

Installation Guidelines PADERSON KINETIXX LOADED shafts:

Installation should only be completed by a qualified, trained club builder.

  1. All PADERSON KINETIXx loaded shafts are to be BUTT Cut to length only.
  2. Do not TIP trim any shaft model! Regardless of CPM, or club assembly config.
  3. Please do not Chamfer the tips however light belt abrasion is recommended.
    *Tip preparation: light belt abrasion or hand sanding recommended prior to final assembly.
    *To ensure a smooth and clean build, we perform a post-production tip preparation: 1″ Metalwoods, 1.25″ Irons. depending on hosel bore depth, there will in many assemblies be the need to lightly sand beyond the prepared surface delivered. Light belt abrasion is also recommended to insure a full shaft insert and adequate epoxy adhesion. Do not Chamfer tip section or blade prep (scratch) tip to prepare for epoxy.


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