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MODEL#/ SKU:SeriesFlex CodeFlex (Equivalent)Torque ±0.5°Tip Dia. ±0.05mmTip/Pal ±0.5″Butt Dia. ±0.12mmButt/Pal ±0.5″Length ±0.1″Weight ±2gFrequency ±5cpmKick PointBalance PointMaterials
KG85SL-LIP30SINGLE LENGTHLIP30S2.4°9.40mm4.00″15.00mm10″38.0″85g305cpmHigh-Mid50.1%/484mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-MIP30SINGLE LENGTHMIP30S2.2°9.40mm4.00″15.00mm10″38.0″85g305cpmMid50.9%/491mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-SIP30SINGLE LENGTHSIP30S2.2°9.40mm4.00″15.00mm10″38.0″85g310cpmHigh-Mid51.1%/493mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-LIP20SINGLE LENGTHLIP20R2.4°9.40mm4.00″14.90mm10″38.0″85g295cpmHigh-Mid50.9%/491mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-MIP20SINGLE LENGTHMIP20R2.2°9.40mm4.00″14.90mm10″38.0″85g295cpmMid50.9%/491mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-SIP20SINGLE LENGTHSIP20R2.2°9.40mm4.00″14.90mm10″38.0″85g300cpmHigh-Mid50.7%/489mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-LIP10SINGLE LENGTHLIP10A2.6°9.40mm4.00″15.00mm10″38.0″85g275cpmHigh-Mid50.1%/484mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-MIP10SINGLE LENGTHMIP10A2.4°9.40mm4.00″15.00mm10″38.0″85g275cpmHigh-Mid50.4%/486mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-SIP10SINGLE LENGTHSIP10A2.4°9.40mm4.00″15.00mm10″38.0″85g280cpmHigh-Mid49.9%/482mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-LIP05SINGLE LENGTHLIP05LTE3.0°9.40mm4.00″15.00mm10″38.0″85g265cpmHigh-Mid50.4%/486mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-MIP05SINGLE LENGTHMIP05LTE2.8°9.40mm4.00″15.00mm10″38.0″85g265cpmHigh-Mid50.5%/487mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
KG85SL-SIP05SINGLE LENGTHSIP05LTE2.8°9.40mm4.00″15.00mm10″38.0″85g270cpmHigh-Mid50.8%/490mmCarbon Fiber, Green Kevlar, 3K Fiber
ShaftClub LengthHead WT:Shaft LengthChuck WT.Tip Prep.
LIP;MIP;SIP36.50″-38.00″270 +/- 5g38.00″285g1.25″


MODEL#/ SKU:Flex Code (FLEX)Low RangeDRIVER SwingSpeed Fit Baseline +/- 6MPHHigh Range
KG95SL-LIP30LIP30 (S)90mph94mph98mph
KG95SL-MIP30MIP30 (S)90mph94mph98mph
KG95SL-SIP30SIP30 (S)90mph94mph98mph
KG95SL-LIP20LIP20 (R)82mph86mph90mph
KG95SL-MIP20MIP20 (R)82mph86mph90mph
KG95SL-SIP20SIP20 (R)82mph86mph90mph
KG95SL-LIP10LIP10 (A)72mph77mph82mph
KG95SL-MIP10MIP10 (A)72mph77mph82mph
KG95SL-SIP10SIP10 (A)72mph77mph82mph
KG95SL-LIP05LIP05 (LTE)65mph68mph72mph
KG95SL-MIP05MIP05 (LTE)65mph68mph72mph
KG95SL-SIP05SIP05 (LTE)65mph68mph72mph



PADERSON KINETIXX loaded Single Length iron shafts offer optimal shot trajectories with maximized distance gapping throughout the set. Unmatched performance characteristics never before available in SINGLE or ONE LENGTH irons.

The confluence of Paderson’s patented and proprietary filament wound construction technology and next generation advanced composite materials. Paderson Kinetixx Loaded Single Length Iron shafts use an extremely expensive and rare advanced material composition of ultra thin Kevlar and aerospace grade carbon fiber thread.

Utilizing up to eight (8) times times as many fiber strands as compared to even the most premium conventional microlaminate shafts. Creating the worlds most concentric and only spineless single and one length golf shafts, having an unmatched tensile strength-to-weight ratio; 5x stronger than steel, with 20x the elastic strength.

Producing incomparable consistency, stability, feel and responsiveness, from shafts with the lowest torque (per weight category) on the planet.

Tailored for torsional recovery and Designed specifically for the impact mechanics of constant mass iron heads to deliver Linear Trajectory from every iron with Precision distance control and Ball Speed through potential energy

Paderson Kinetixx Loaded Single Length iron shafts are an innovative three (3) shaft profile of constant weight design.

Pre-Loaded for fiber tension according to flex for the attenuation of vibration that generates the purest kinetic energy transfer, from golfer to club.

Maximizing swing efficiency, optimizing clubhead performance. Each single length iron shaft combines strategically positioned variable kick and balance points with gradient torque and frequency progression, to optimize launch conditions and insure a fit option for every golfers swing, throughout a set of single length irons.

Long, Mid and Short iron shafts designed to harmonize trajectory and maximize distance gapping in all corresponding iron head lofts.

Mirroring performance of the mid irons, Long Irons are finally easy to hit and forgiving. Flying higher and longer with more spin and increased ball speed as compared to conventionally built sets of irons, having longer playing lengths and lighter head weights.

Shorter irons are designed to generate precise distance and target control accuracy, optimizing launch conditions and playability as never before seen in a set of irons.

Three (3) shafts, Long:Mid:Short, designed to optimize fit, player performance and function of each and every iron. One Trajectory, SINGLE LENGTH iron shafts, superior down range target performance!


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