KINETIXX TS-F Graphite Fairway Wood Shafts


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TS-FCODE±0.5°±0.05mm±0.5″±0.12mm±0.5″±0.1″±3g  ±  5cpmKick Point
KSMU319-F40F40     3.5°8.50mm4.0″15.20mm7″45″79g280cpmHigh/MidLOW/MID24T CARBON FIBER
KSMU319-F30F30     4.0°8.50mm4.0″15.20mm7″45″74g265cpmMidMID24T CARBON FIBER
KSMU319-F20F20     4.2°8.50mm4.0″15.20mm7″45″69g250cpmMid/LowMID/HIGH24T CARBON FIBER
KSMU319-F10F10     4.5°8.50mm4.0″15.20mm7″45″64g235cpmLowHIGH24T CARBON FIBER


MODEL#/ SKU:Flex Code (FLEX)Low RangeDRIVER SwingSpeed Fit Baseline +/- 8MPHHigh Range
KSMU319-F40F40 (X-FLEX)1O9mph114mph118mph
KSMU319-F30F30 (S-FLEX)93mph101mph108mph
KSMU319-F20F20 (R-FLEX)82mph87mph92mph
KSMU319-F10F10 (A-FLEX)65mph73mph81mph


The Trajectory series is a premium shaft array manufactured with our patented and proprietary continuous fiber filament wound construction technology, of aerospace grade ultra fine high modulus carbon fiber thread.
delivering the first and only micro-fiber filament wound shaft technology in the market engineered and manufactured to produce a pre-targeted trajectory, weight and torque profile, according to flex! matching preferred launch conditions to corresponding swing speeds of individual golfers.
spineless shafts, with unmatched consistency, stability and performance designed to optimize torque transfer and create an optimal balance between tensile strength, hoop strength and torsional resistance, for precise control of balance point and shot trajectory, per flex profile.
Vacuum cured for the highest fiber area weight to resin ratio. Producing an incomparably smooth bend profile with enhanced feedback, as compared to all high modulus carbon fiber laminated composites in the general premium shaft category.

TS-F (MODEL SKU#KSMU319-F) Designed to produce a low/mid to high shot trajectory, dependant on the individual flex profile

A BEST IN CLASS option for the discerning player in search of an incomparable performance value.


Material construction and more conventional performance and design characteristics allow for tip-trim installations according to the following guidelines:
KSMU319-F tip-trimming guidelines according to clubhead assembly:
F40 (X-FLEX)00.500”1.00”1.50”
F30 (S-FLEX)00.500”1.00”1.50”
F20 (R-FLEX)00.500”1.00”1.50”
F10 (A-FLEX)00.500”1.00”1.50”
Tip preparation: light belt abrasion or hand sanding recommended prior to final assembly. Please do not Chamfer tip section or blade prep tip.


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