All About Paderson

PADERSON shafts powered the two most successful direct response marketed golf club products to date: Original ADAMS Golf Tight Lies and Orlimar Trimetal producing > 5 million shafts over a three year period. PADERSON was also the technology platform and manufacturer of rapport composites. Until 2014 our capacity focus was primarily dedicated toward ODM/OEM contract manufacturing for well known premium shaft brands, and to private label commercial shaft production. The paradigm has changed due to core construction technology breakthroughs now loaded into all PADERSON KINETIXx branded premium shafts. Our focus is to grow our brand and technologies among consumers, in support of a qualified dealer/fitter/retail network worldwide and through our OEM partnerships.

KINETIXx® IMRT (Impedance Matched Response Technology)

KINETIXx® VMT (Velocity Multiplier Technology)

Our products are of a transcendence in golf shaft construction, three years of extensive R&D in the making.  Our patented and proprietary manufacturing methods have created the worlds most advanced and revolutionary golf club shafts enabling us to put to practice materials and designs that present unlimited combinations for torque, flexibility, weight, and balance.

The worlds only golf shafts capable of both, generating and actuating kinetic energy.  Golf-club shafts that can fit any golfers swing, increase ball velocity, carry distance and reduce dispersion!  Notably flexible in the hands, precisely tuned to increase in frequency the greater the force applied.

Technology Breakthroughs

1994 PADERSON® was awarded composite processing breakthrough technology of the year by the Taiwanese National Institute of Technology, for its development of the first ergonomic mass production method of filament wound construction in golf shafts. The honor was extended by the Japan Institute of Technology. PADERSON® is the foremost leading industry expert in filament wound composite construction.

PADERSON® filament wound composites include carbon fiber, alloy wire and organic fiber materials and the method for manufacture produces homogenous composites. PADERSON® pure filament would golf shafts are the most advanced, straightest, roundest and strongest golf shafts in the world!


R&T / R&D PHILOSOPHY – The goal of Research & Technology, Research and Development at PADERSON® is to develop processes materials and products that exhibit performance tested quantifiable technological advances. In any engineered product or system, performance is a function of design and construction. Construction is the combination of craftsmanship and PADERSON® shafts are the product of patented and proprietary methods of construction that enable us to produce a robust and dynamic homogenous blend of the world’s most advanced shaft technologies.

PADERSON® is the sporting industry specialist in the fields of carbon fiber and high and low modulus FRP Composites, resin matrix formulation and core process technologies like continuous fiber filament winding and or the combination thereof conventional table rolling and filament winding, developed specifically for the performance-driven consumer golf and sporting goods product markets.

PADERSON® is committed to being a complete sports product composite solutions provider in the OEM and Consumer aftermarket, by offering each category segment an incomparable technology value proposition.