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MODEL#/ SKU:Series NameKick PointBalance PointTypeTorque ±0.5°Tip Dia. ±0.05mmTip/Pal ±0.5″Butt Dia. ±0.12mmButt/Pal ±0.5″Length ±0.1″SHAFT WEIGHT ±5gGLOBAL ASSEMBLY +/- 5GMaterials
TNDPTR1.1-33-BL210TUNED BLUE 33LOW65.00%PUTTER<1.0°9.40mm3.00″28mm11.00″33″205g210g24T, MICRO-FIBER FILAMENT WOUND VACUUM CURED.


Get TUNED with your putter to optimize putting.
TUNED putter shaft technology, is putting redefined!
TUNED 1.1 transforms every aspect of putting with the most advanced all-in-one engineered composite putter shaft performance system, ever!
TUNED 1.1 Built-in grip-less gripping technology, delivers the most enhanced feel and responsive feedback.
Our proprietary High-Tac aerospace polymer membrane allows the hands to become one, with the putter. Instantly improving alignment and precision.
The elongated parallel butt section of TUNED 1.1 is engineered and sized to replace all popular conventional and mid-sized grips.
Patent pending butt cap filter system TUNED to dampen and suppress unwanted vibrations, on the highest ratio order. Eliminating vibrations that disrupt the stroke and disconnect player from putter.
TUNED 1.1 delivers the first and only 0° torque playability factor with the highest shaft MOI for the greatest stability and purest kinetic energy transfer ever, from a putter!
KINETIXXLoaded TUNED 1.1 RED and BLUE putter shafts are now available at 33.00” raw length.
TUNED 1.1 BLUE features a balance point of 65% built-in counterbalance. Designed to fit and replace all standard length conventionally shafted putters with heavy weighted grip and or post production build parameter.
TUNED 1.1 RED features a balance point of 60% Designed to fit and replace all conventionally built putter shaft and grip build parameters.
TUNED 1.1 RED and BLUE putter shafts are compatible with all straight shaft tip configured / plumbers neck putter head designs.


Each model should be trimmed to length from the tip section only. This step should be completed first, Light belt sanding operation is recommended to prepare the tip section for epoxy. Do not chamfer or blade prepare tip.
Following the tip cutting and clean-up, complete the glueing and curing operations.
Once Club build operation is complete and the epoxy has cured, Insert the patent pending TPR butt cap damper first by hand. Press firm and push straight down to seat.
if necessary, cover or block the damper cap top with the box cap end, (to protect the butt cap and Aluminum Chip) then using a rubber hammer, one or two quick light taps will firmly seat the butt cap.
Do not glue in butt cap. It is designed for forced fit.
Cap assembly is the final step and should be completed once the build and curing operations are both complete.


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